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Fuse version 0.04
This is a test release. It seems to work quite well. In fact, I can't
find any problems with it whatsoever. If you do, I want to know.
To install this module type the standard commands as root:
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install
This module requires the FUSE userspace library and the FUSE kernel module.
This is contributed to the FUSE project by Mark Glines <>,
and is therefore subject to the same license and copyright as FUSE itself.
Please see the AUTHORS and COPYING files from the FUSE distribution for
more information.
There are a few example scripts. You can find them in the examples/
subdirectory. These are:
*, a simple "Hello world" type of script
*, a filesystem loopback-device. like fusexmp from
the main FUSE dist, it simply recurses file operations
into the real filesystem. Unlike fusexmp, it only
re-shares files under the /tmp/test directory.
*, an NFS-workalike which tunnels through SSH. It requires
an account on some ssh server (obviously), with public-key
authentication enabled. (if you have to type in a password,
you don't have this. man ssh_keygen.). Copy
to your home directory on the remote machine, and create a
subdir somewhere, and then run it like:
./ host /remote/dir /local/dir
*, a ripoff of meant to be used as a backend
I've begun to build a formal testing framework. Currently it can mount
and unmount, and all of the base-level functions have test
scripts. These need to be fleshed out as problems are noticed.
The current test framework seems to work well, but the underlying mount/
unmount infrastructure is a crock. I am not pleased with that code.
While most things work, I do still have a TODO list:
* "du -sb" reports a couple orders of magnitude too large a size.
* need to sort out cleaner mount semantics for the test framework
* figure out how to un-linuxcentrify the statfs tests
* test everything on other architectures and OS's
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