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Revision history for Perl module Fuse
0.16.1 2013-10-31
- Fix missing "temp" variable declaration in _PLfuse_release,
which only affects 32-bit systems using FUSE 2.9.0 or later.
0.16 2013-09-15
- Fix unbounded stack growth due to previous changes in getdir()
and readdir() wrappers that didn't properly decrement SP.
[RT #77321]
- Implement support for FUSE 2.9 specific operations. (flock,
read_buf, write_buf, fallocate)
- Implement helper functions (fuse_buf_size, fuse_buf_copy) for
handling generic buffers inside read_buf and write_buf
- Make the write() wrapper do less data copying.
- Improve compatibility with OpenIndiana (an open flavor of
- Add support for OpenBSD's flavor of FUSE.
0.15 2013-06-08
- Eliminate more uses of system() in tests.
- Enable the ioctl() operation when built against FUSE 2.8 or later.
Also wrote tests based off fioc.c and fioclient.c from FUSE.
- Use smaller getattr test sizes only on MacOS X.
- Permanently fix the XATTR_{CREATE,REPLACE} symbols.
- Add a wrapper for the poll() operation when built against FUSE 2.8
or later. Also wrote tests based off fsel.c and fselclient.c
from FUSE.
- Fixed a thinko in the platform handling chain in Makefile.PL.
- Added handling for sub-second [amc]time stamps.
- Improve compatibility with Fuse4X.
- Improve future compatibility with non-Linux FUSE 2.8
0.14 2011-08-01
- Retooling portions of the test facilities, and removing dependence
on syscall() and knowing syscall numbers for basic test
- Compatibility fixes for Perl 5.8 and Perl 5.13/5.14 with threads.
- Cleanups to build system, to use pkg-config to get the Fuse
build arguments for building our code against the installed
libfuse. Cleans up some of the mess before of different ways of
handling different OSes; NetBSD is still a bit messy due to
- Decrease file sizes in getattr test, to keep test from running
for multiple hours (due to HFS+ not supporting sparse files).
0.13 2011-07-03
- improved support for FreeBSD, NetBSD and OS X
- restored non-threaded perl support
0.12 2011-05-20
- all changes in this version are contributed by Darrik Pates
- BACKWARD COMPATILIBY CHANGE: readdir introduced in 0.11 changed!
- mount option -o big_writes, and added:
opendir, releasedir, fsyncdir, init, destroy, access, create,
ftruncate, fgetattr, lock, utimens, bmap
0.11 2011-02-25
- make static callbacks thread-safe, contributed by Daniel Frett
- readdir implmenentation contributed by Alex Sudakov RT #55953
0.10_1 2011-01-17
- cleanup options
- 64 bit perl support submitted by Derrik Pates
0.09_4 2010-05-16
- Justin Fletcher addition of file handles on open files, RT #57517
0.09_3 2008-03-19
- really fix 2+ Gb file bug, RT #32639, RT #33903
0.09 2007-11-15
- support dh-make-perl with fakeroot
- added fuse_get_context
- works with MacFUSE
- added example
0.08 2006-11-29 14:24:39 CET
- fix race condition in test/s/mount.t
- allow Fuse to be run from a non-master thread
- CPANPLUS doesn't report errors anymore if fuse isn't installed
- fix to test helper
0.07 2005-12-25 10:37:00 PST
- Remove the FUSE_DEBUG constant; we never actually implemented
it to begin with.
- "make test" now uses the version of Fuse you've just built,
not the one installed in /usr/lib/perl5.
- getattr test now allows blksize to vary between host and fuse
fs, as this is not a bug.
- Add experimental support for threading. The following minor
API changes accommodate this:
- The nonexistent (yet documented) "unthreaded=>1" attribute
has been replaced with the "threaded=>1" attribute, and this
time it actually exists.
- Symbolic refs like "main::e_getattr" are now allowed for
callbacks, because threaded mode needs to share() the
callbacks, yet perl 5.8.7 does not allow share()ing code
refs yet. Direct code-refs are still supported as much
as possible (currently, non-threaded mode).
- testsuite uses a multithreaded, when available.
- Update docs accordingly. Update examples accordingly.
- Works on FreeBSD with fuse4bsd
0.06 2005-04-03 16:15:00 BST
- Add support for operations supported by FUSE 2.2.1
(flush, release, fsync, extended attributes)
- add mount options
0.04 2004-11-18 13:51:56 CET
- new maintainer, Dobrica Pavlinusic <>
- updated to work with current CVS version of fuse
0.03 2001-12-05 02:17:52
- changed getattr() to smell like perl's stat()
- fleshed out the documentation a bit
0.02 2001-12-02 18:59:56
- works well enough to release, but still needs testing
0.01 2001-11-28 21:45:20
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
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