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Inline POD fixups, and change =head1 poll() to =head3.

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1 parent 7a6104d commit 1a6a7c5a69acdd00633640f6de0943000badb956 @demonfoo demonfoo committed Feb 29, 2012
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@@ -187,27 +187,18 @@ many valid keys. Most of them correspond with names of callback
functions, as described in section 'FUNCTIONS YOUR FILESYSTEM MAY IMPLEMENT'.
A few special keys also exist:
-debug => boolean
=over 1
-This turns FUSE call tracing on and off. Default is 0 (which means off).
+=item debug => boolean
-mountpoint => string
+This turns FUSE call tracing on and off. Default is 0 (which means off).
-=over 1
+=item mountpoint => string
The point at which to mount this filesystem. There is no default, you must
specify this. An example would be '/mnt'.
-mountopts => string
-=over 1
+=item mountopts => string
This is a comma separated list of mount options to pass to the FUSE kernel
@@ -219,11 +210,7 @@ need 'user_allow_other' in /etc/fuse.conf as per the FUSE documention
mountopts => "allow_other" or
mountopts => ""
-threaded => boolean
-=over 1
+=item threaded => boolean
This turns FUSE multithreading on and off. The default is 0, meaning your FUSE
script will run in single-threaded mode. Note that single-threaded mode also
@@ -247,11 +234,7 @@ you're using are also thread-safe.
built with USE_ITHREADS, or if you have failed to use threads or
-nullpath_ok => boolean
-=over 1
+=item nullpath_ok => boolean
This flag tells Fuse to not pass paths for functions that operate on file
or directory handles. This will yield empty path parameters for functions
@@ -724,7 +707,7 @@ Keep in mind that read and write are from the client perspective, so
read from our end means data is going *out*, and write means data is
coming *in*. It can be slightly confusing.
-=head1 poll
+=head3 poll
Arguments: Pathname, poll handle ID (or undef if none), event mask, (optional) file handle

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