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@@ -741,6 +741,33 @@ FUSE, so POLLPRI/POLLRDBAND/POLLWRBAND won't work.
Poll handle is currently a read-only scalar; we are investigating a way
to make this an object instead.
+=head1 EXAMPLES
+There are a few example scripts in the examples/ subdirectory. These are:
+ A simple "Hello world" type of script
+ A filesystem loopback-device. like fusexmp from the main FUSE dist,
+ it simply recurses file operations into the real filesystem. Unlike
+ fusexmp, it only re-shares files under the /tmp/test directory.
+ An NFS-workalike which tunnels through SSH. It requires an account
+ on some ssh server (obviously), with public-key authentication enabled.
+ (if you have to type in a password, you don't have this. man ssh_keygen.).
+ Copy to your home directory on the remote machine
+ and make it executable. Then create a mountpoint subdir somewhere local,
+ and run the example script: ./ host /remote/dir /local/dir
+ A ripoff of meant to be used as a backend for
=head1 AUTHOR
Mark Glines, E<lt>mark@glines.orgE<gt>

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