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Page content type for Tide distribution
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Tide Page

Page content type for Tide distribution for Drupal 8

Tide is a Drupal 8 distribution focused on delivering an API first, headless Drupal content administration site.

CircleCI Release Licence: GPL 2 Pull Requests

What is in this package

  • content type
  • fields
  • blocks
  • views
  • JSONAPI module integration


To install this package, add this custom repository to repositories section of your composer.json:

  "repositories": {        
      "dpc-sdp/tide_page": {
          "type": "vcs",
          "no-api": true,
          "url": ""

Require this package as any other Composer package:

composer require dpc/tide_page 


Digital Engagement, Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, Australia is a maintainer of this package.


Open an issue on GitHub or submit a pull request with suggested changes.

Development and maintenance

Development is powered by Dev-Tools. Please refer to Dev-Tools' page for system requirements and other details.

To start local development stack:

  1. Checkout this project
  2. Run ./
  3. Run ahoy build

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This project is licensed under GPL2

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