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Post content to multiple sites and sections.
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Post content to multiple sites and sections.



  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Recommended Modules
  • Installation
  • Drush


The Tide Site module provides the functionality to post to multiple sites and sections from a single content server.




Include the Tide Site module in your composer.json file

composer require dpc-sdp/tide_site


The Drush command tide-site-env-domain-update, alias tide-si-domup, will update one or more taxonomy terms in the Sites vocabulary with new Domains. This command expects an environment variable FE_DOMAINS to exist. The var must be in this format:


The var will get split into an array based on commas, each value being an array of tids and domain values. This will then be split into an array based on pipes. The key being the tid and value being a list of domains separated by
, which will be converted into new lines.

This command can be used to ensure the preview and url enhancer features will work on headless sites on non production environments.

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