Rust contributors wanted list

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This page lists projects written in Rust programming language that are either abandoned or looking for contributors.

You can discuss the idea itself.

Obviously most project could use some help, so before adding anything please consider:

  • Do you have time to help newcomers participate?
  • Are you really ready to share ownership and project control with other people?
  • Is your project ready to accommodate new developers (contributing page, documentation, communication channels)

Please be a good citizen. If you have an idea for a better place to host this list, please let me know.



  • mioco - Scalable, coroutine-based, asynchronous IO handling library for Rust programming language; see: mioco contributing


Scientific Computing

  • rusty-machine - A pure rust machine learning library (including internal linear algebra). Check out contributing. Active and looking for both technical contributions and high-level design help.


  • Clippy - A collection of lints. We encourage contribution, have a large list of good first bugs, and are willing to mentor! See: contributing. This project is quite active.
  • kbknapp/cargo-count - A cargo subcommand for seeing statistics about source code line counts in projects
  • kbknapp/cargo-graph - A cargo subcommand for generating GraphViz dot dependency graphs of Rust projects
  • kbknapp/cargo-outdated - A cargo subcommand for displaying version of dependencies, and determining when particular ones are out of date

Rust ports

  • emscripten port needs help. This project will make it possible to compile Rust code into the asm.js extraordinarily optimizable, low-level subset of Javascript.


  • kbknapp/clap-rs - A full featured and fast command line argument parser. Contribution is very welcomed and highly encouraged. The collaborators are even willing to mentor new contributors. This project is quite active. See clap's for more details.


  • Tahler/rust-lang-currency - A library for representing currency in Rust. Currently could use some help with maintaining precision after being multiplied by a float.


  • kbknapp/docli-rs - A command line utility for managing DigitalOcean droplets.
  • kbknapp/doapi-rs - A library for managing and interacting with DigitalOcean droplets.


Before adding a project, please make sure it's really abandoned.

  • swiboe - This is the groundwork for the author's ideal text editor.
  • From the author: "due to unforeseen changes in my private life, I am currently unable to continue on swiboe. I hope the community picks it up and moves it forward."
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