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Simple roguelike written in Rust.

It's intendent to exercise my Rust knowledge and let me play with certain mechanisms that I'd like to see in roguelike game:

  • hexagonal map
  • tactical positioning (strafing, face-direction)
  • tick system with actions having delay and duration


RustyHex screenshot


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Status and goals

Build Status

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How to play


  • Use hjkl or arrow keys to move.
  • Press r to toggle between running and walking.
  • Hold Shift to strafe (with Left/Right move)
  • Hold Ctrl to attack (with a move)
  • Press . to wait.


Game time is measured in tick. All creatures (including player) can issue actions. Every action has pre and post delay. Pre-delay is a number of ticks between issuing an and when it actually happens. Post-delay is a time after action was performed and when next action can be issued.


Running is faster if the preceding action was also Running. This reflects some time that it takes to get to full speed.

Melee attack

Melee attack action has generally small pre-delay, but long post-delay.

Wait "rubber"

Any action performed after Wait action is going to have it's pre-delay reduced. This reflects the preparation time that allows for faster attack.

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