A Google Maps-based tool for simulating the GPS location of the Android emulator
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android-gps-emulator is a GPS location emulator for changing/setting/simulating the GPS location of the Android emulator through a simple map-based interface, using the geo fix command.

Using GWT and Google Maps in combination with JTA (Java telnet support), this is a simple tool for emulating the geospatial (GPS) location of your local android emulator using the telnet geo fix command.

Quick Start

  1. Download the latest release
  2. Run the executable war: java -jar android-gps-emulator-0.2.war
  3. http://localhost:8080/gpsemulator/


GWT Hosted Mode

  1. Clone the repository
  2. From the command line execute mvn gwt:run
  3. Click Launch Default Browser from the GWT Development Mode

Running on a Different Port

android-gps-emulator runs by default on port 8080. The port can be changed by passing the desired port as a parameter when running the executable war. For example, to run on port 9001:

java -jar android-gps-emulator-0.2.war 9001