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NLP Sandbox

A sandbox for trying out NLP tools. This project is an OpenNLP (Apache) implementation

In order to run this project you have to have all of the dependencies in the right spot (as described in the following paragraphs), as well as having the VM configured with extra memory and the WordNet dictionary directory (as a VM argument). So please define the following (when running on your favorite IDE or as MAVEN_OPTS when using pure maven):

  • -Xmx1024M
  • -DWNSEARCHDIR=lib/wordnet-3.0/dict

To run the tests with maven:

MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024M -DWNSEARCHDIR=lib/wordnet-3.0/dict" mvn test

Windows users:

Use the WordNet dictionary files at -DWNSEARCHDIR=lib\wordnet-3.0\dict-win

set MAVEN_OPTS=-Xmx1024M -DWNSEARCHDIR=lib\wordnet-3.0\dict-win
mvn test


I am currently using OpenNLP 1.5.x. See OpenNLP 1.5 tutorials at

  • The repository includes the English model files compatible with OpenNLP 1.5
  • Model file locations can be overridden with a different properties file resource (that exists on the classpath) by specifying the resource name with the system property when running OpenNlpToolkit. If not specified it will load the default property file at src/main/resources/com/dpdearing/nlp/opennlp/
  • Alternate pre-trained language-appropriate OpenNLP binary (.bin) model files can be downloaded and placed on the classpath (e.g., in a new subdirectory of src/main/resources)
  • Coreference Resolution (tutorial) depends upon:
    • The OpenNLP 1.4 coreference model files. The English files are included in the repository at lib/opennlp-1.5-en/coref
    • The WordNet 3.0 dictionary files from the "source code and binaries" links of WordNet 3.0 for UNIX-like systems. Only the dict subdirectory is necessary. These files are in the repository at lib/wordnet-3.0/dict.
      • Note: Do not download any other files (e.g., v2.1, v3.1 or "just database files"). This project's code is verified to work files for the v3.0 of WordNet only.
      • Windows users: Rename the WordNet and dictionary files:
        • Remove the data. prefix and add the .dat extension (i.e., data.noun becomes noun.dat)
        • Remove the index. prefix and add the .idx extension (i.e., index.noun becomes noun.idx)
        • The WordNet files named for the Windows platform are in the repository at lib\wordnet-3.0\dict-win


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