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Import cPanel backup in vestacp
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Import cPanel backup in vestacp

Beta 0.5.3

  • Restore user password
  • Restore MX from cpanel dnszone

Beta 0.5

  • Improve database restauration.
  • Just restore databases and vestacp rebuild users, this add compatibility to mysql 5.7 ( ubuntu 16+ )
  • Try restore SSL, something fail if backup not have CA
  • Some bugs fixed and some function added to test if have rsync and file installed

Beta 0.4

  • Improve database restore, now is compatible whit more cPanel backups, fix some bugs when database dont have Grant ALL Privileges.
  • Improve database privileges restauration, now only was restored real database privileges, skip cPanel main user privileges, and a lot of grant all privileges added by cPanel when account was migrated to orther server.
  • Adding debug mode.
  • Some bugs was fixed.

Beta 0.3.6

  • Improve some functions, get real cPanel user.
  • Improve data base restore, fix bugs when database not exists
  • Fix some bugs
  • Dont restore database if is already created.

Beta 0.3.5

  • Restore cPanel user.
  • Restore websites, subdomains, domains, main domain
  • Fix main domain restoring, skip public_html dirs if are used by domains or subdomains and this are currently restored
  • Restore mails if cPanel backup use dovecot
  • Restore data bases
  • Add file count to show user some progress when extract backup and restore domain files.


bash cpanel-backup.tar.gz


bash cpanel-backup.tar.gz MX

Second option will restore your MX, this help people who use google apps, office 365 or remote mail system

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