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Rooms game

Rogue-like game for blind people


GNU General Public Licence v3:

Game information

In order to change the game's language we need to change the file and put ES, GL, EN or NL in order to play in Spanish, Galician, English or Dutch, respectively.

In some occasions the generated sentences are not read directly. This is because \textit{Java Access Bridge} is not correctly added or the correct version is incompatible (it's recommended to install both the 32 and 64 bit versions). In Windows systems \textit{Java Access Bridge} can be easily activated doing the following:

Go to Start -> Control Panel->Ease of Access->Ease of Access Center Select Use the computer without a display In the section "Other programs installed", select: Enable Java Access Bridge You can also do:

%JRE_HOME%\bin\jabswitch -enable where %JRE_HOME% is the directory where JAVA is installed.

For other OS's it would be necessary to install and activate it manually. Check for more information.

Movement system

movement - cursor keys

attack - X

spell attack - M + number (1..6)

pick item - E

throw item - T + number (1..6)

unequip item - U + descNumber(A,S,D,F,G)

description helmet - A

description weapons - S

description chest - D

description pants - F

description gloves - G

description stats - H

description monster - K

description environment - B

description possible movement positions - N

numeric description on/off - C

change colors - Q

More information

For more information or feedback, create an issue in this project: or visit our subreddit:


Rogue-like game for blind people




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