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baseline h.264 encoder
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Baseline h.264 encoder. Supported standard features:

  • YUV 4:2:0 colorspace support
  • I and P slices
  • I_4x4, I_16x16, P_L0, P_SKIP macroblock types
  • full-pel, half-pel and quarter-pel motion estimation
  • unrestricted motion vectors
  • multiple reference frames
  • in-loop deblocking filter

Encoder features:

  • adaptive I/P slice decision with adjustable max. keyframe interval
  • fixed QP or 2-pass average bitrate coding mode
  • tunable motion estimation quality (subpixel ME refinement, reference frame count)
  • tunable macroblock type decision quality
  • assembly optimizations (x86/x64 MMX/SSE2)
  • multithreaded deblocking

Accepted input file types:

  • raw YUV 4:2:0 (width and height requied)
  • YUV4MPEG 4:2:0 (*.y4m)
  • Avisynth script (*.avs, Windows only)


Windows and Linux are supported. Requirements:

  • yasm 1.2.0 and later to compile the assembly files
  • Lazarus with Freepascal 3.0.x or later
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