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12B: zeros
4B float: always 0x3f000000 (0.5)
4B float: terrain height scale
4B float: always 0x3f000000
2B int : tile count
2B int : ?
4B int : offset to tiles
4B int : offset to some data?
2B int : width in BLK
2B int : height in BLK
array[width * height] of 2B int: tile indices
xB ?
array[tile count] of TILE
2B 0x0000
TILE [30B]
2B int: texmap idx (from texture index file)
1B int: ?
1B int: lo - minimum height in tile (probably for terrain LOD? clipping?)
1B int: hi - maximum height in tile
array[25] of int8: 5x5 height values