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Adds the missing Workflow GUI to Pimcore
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Pimcore - Workflow GUI

DEPRECATED This Plugin is no longer maintained. Please use this Plugin for Pimcore >=5.4:

Software License

Looking for the current stable (version 1)? See

Adds a nice GUI to create and edit Workflows in Pimcore.


  • Pimcore >=5 <5.4 -> This means that this plugin is only usable from Pimcore 5.0 to Pimcore 5.4

Getting started

  • Install via composer composer require dpfaffenbauer/workflow-gui:^2.0
  • Open Extension Manager in Pimcore and enable Plugin (or install via cli bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable WorkflowGuiBundle)
  • Reload Pimcore

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

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