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Forthon generates links between Fortran95 and Python. Python is a high level, object oriented, interactive and scripting language that allows a flexible and versatile interface to computational tools. The Forthon package generates the necessary wrapping code which allows access to the Fortran database and to the Fortran subroutines and functions. This provides a development package where the computationally intensive parts of a code can be written in efficient Fortran, and the high level controlling code can be written in the much more versatile Python language.


An example of how to use Forthon can be found in the simpleexample subdirectory. Go into that directory and run "make". Forthon needs to have been installed. This will build and install the example. Then run


This will produce output like this:

Before setsqrt, x = 0.0

After setsqrt, x = 3.1622776601683795

A more extensive example can be found in the example subdirectory. It can be built and run with the "make" command.

Release notes

See Release_Notes


See License.txt for license information.

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