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Unfortunately, this extension has been terminated.

My developer account cannot connect to extensions store. So I cannot update latest changes into vscode extensions.
Sorry @trevormerritt for adding support for Linux.
Sorry @rainum for adding settings to set a root path for project files.
I'm sorry @osechet for improve directories ignore, and @oplik0 fix messages issues.

Don't know what to say, I sincerely apologize to the contributors to the project.

Micropython IDE for VSCode README

Micropython integrated development for VSCode

Getting Started Screenshot


  • Flashing Micropython firmwares into devices, current support flashing ESP8266, ESP32 boards using
  • Generate new project with supported files.
  • Support send project files into board.
  • Support Serial Monitor for debugging your scripts.


This extension required python with pip (python package installer) installed on your system operation.


If you do not have already installed Python, you can downloading from the official site. You can use python 2.x but I'm recommend using 3.x will better.


Pip is a installer for python modules that both downloads and installs the modules, if you are not already installed pip, please click here.


Ampy allows you to interact with the file system created on the chip. This module is required for this extension. You can install ampy by pip:

pip install adafruit-ampy


Remote Shell for MicroPython. This module is required for this extension. You can install rshell by pip:

sudo pip3 install rshell


sudo pip install rshell

How to use

Create new project:

First, you need to generate new project by open Getting Started menu.

To open Getting Started... menu, you can press shortcut ⌘ + ⇧ + P keys, then find from commands list with keyword: Micropython: Gettings Started.

You can integrate with existing project by creating .micropythonrc file into your project root directory. This file stores build and debug settings for your project.

Example .micropythonrc file:

  "upload": {
    "port": "/serial/port",
    "baud": 115200
  "serial": {
    "port": "/serial/port",
    "baud": 115200
  "paths": {
    "root": "./myproject",
    "ignore": {
      "extensions": [
      "directories": [
  "tools": {
    "ampy": "/path/to/ampy",
    "rshell": "/path/to/rshell"

paths.root - path with a python files for upload.

Run project:

You can run project by move to script file from prject directory. From VSCode status bar, press button in the bottom right. Or using Run command from commands list.

Stop running script:

To stop running script, you can stop by press button in the bottom right. Or using Stop command from commands list.

To Flash Micropython firmware

From Getting Started menu, select Flash Firmware then follow the step-by-step instructions.

Extension Settings

This extension has no settings for this release. You just press ⌘ + ⇧ + P then type prefix Micropython to see tasks list:

  • Micropython: Getting started
  • Micropython: Run...
  • Micropython: Stop...
  • ...

Known Issues

This extension has been tested on MacOS. If you have any trouble with your OS. Please contact me soon by open issue or via email address: All requests appropriate!

Contact & Supports

Release Notes

Users appreciate release notes as you update your extension.


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