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Dan Pickett's dotfiles

personal configurations for zsh, vim, and git related items


  • backup your dotfiles (homesick will ask you if you want to overwrite files on symlink)
  • install ohmyzsh
  • execute the following:
  #> gem install homesick
  #> homesick clone dpickett/dotfiles
  #> homesick symlink dpickett/dotfiles

To update vim bundles with pathogen once you've symlinked:

  #> cd ~/.homesick/repos/dpickett/dotfiles/.vim && ./update_bundles

Read through the update_bundles script (it's ruby)- it will initialize your plugins - if you want to add or remove plugins, fork away!


uses pathogen and Tammer Saleh's excellent update_bundles_command

Includes the following plugins:

  • nerdtree
  • rails.vim
  • fugitive.vim
  • surround.vim
  • cucumber.vim


uses ohmyzsh to manage plugins and other goodies

  • uses the re5et theme (two line)

uses the following ohmyzsh plugins:

  • git
  • rails3
  • brew
  • bundler
  • ruby
  • compleat
  • rvm


  • passes --no-ri and --no-rdoc