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Various verilog modules that I use or develop


  • binary_debias.v Module to XOR two bits in a bistream into one. Used to remove a binary debias in a random stream.

  • charlieplexer.v Generic charlieplexing module for N pins to control N*(N-1) LEDs. Also contains a generic addressable display that uses a charlieplexer.

  • debouncer.v Button debouncer.

  • demux.v Generic demultiplexer.

  • lfsr.v Generic linear feedback shift register (LFSR).

  • random.v Modules to generate metastable output and random numbers.

  • simple_spi_slave.v Simple SPI slave implementation.

  • synchronous_reset_timer.v Module to synchronize an sync reset signal to a clock domain and hold it for a defined number of clock cycles.

  • uart.v UART module by Timothy Goddard that can be found in various places on the internet, with some changes by me to add high speed capability.

  • Lattice iCE40 specific implementations (in lattice_ice40/)

  • lattice_ice40/debounced_button.v Debounced button from an input pin.

  • lattice_ice40/pullup_input.v Input with pullup.

  • lattice_ice40/random.v Modules for random number generation.

  • lattice_ice40/ringoscillator.v Ring oscillator implementation.

  • lattice_ice40/tristate_output.v A tristateable output.

Contains also testbenches (*_tb.v) for some of the modules, see below.

Note: most of the implementation-specific modules should be easily adaptable to other platforms.


Some of the modules have a testbench (*_tb.v). Testbenches are optimizes for use with the Icarus Verilog compiler. To run all tests, just run make. The build is successfull if and only if all testbenches were able to build and succeeded.


All files except uart.v:



License exceptions:

uart.v -- MIT license, see header of file.

All OTHER contained files are licensed under the LGPL v3.0, see LICENSE.txt . That means that you may use the provided verilog modules in a proprietary software without publishing your proprietary code. But you must publish any changes that you did to the provided verilog modules.

I suggest that you include this repository as a submodule. That way you can easily publish any changes separately from your own code.


Library of generic verilog buildingblocks




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