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from ast import *
import sys
def name(x, ctx):
return Name(id = x, ctx = ctx, lineno = 0, col_offset = 0)
def call(f, *args):
f = name(f, Load())
return Call(func = f, args = list(args), lineno = 0,
col_offset = 0, keywords = [], vararg = None)
def func(args, body):
return Lambda(args = arguments(args = args, defaults = []),
body = body, vararg = None, lineno = 0, col_offset = 0)
unit = Tuple(elts = [], lineno=0, col_offset = 0, ctx = Load())
def transform(elt, generators):
elt = call("__singleton__", elt)
for generator in generators[-1::-1]:
for i in generator.ifs[-1::-1]:
elt = call("__concatMap__",
func([name('_', Param())], elt),
call('__singleton__', unit),
call('__fail__'), lineno=0, col_offset=0))
elt = call("__concatMap__",
func([name(, Param())], elt),
return elt
class RewriteComp(NodeTransformer):
def visit_ListComp(self, node):
return transform(RewriteComp().visit(node.elt),
[RewriteComp().visit(generator) for generator in node.generators])
def __concatMap__(f, x):
return [z for y in x for z in f(y)]
def __singleton__(x):
return [x]
def __fail__():
return []
source = open(sys.argv[1]).read()
e = compile(source, "<string>", "exec", PyCF_ONLY_AST)
e = RewriteComp().visit(e)
f = compile(e, sys.argv[1], "exec")
print f
exec f
print "Done"
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