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Added some comments about the appearance of 1-1/e.

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1 parent f7308cf commit 5ea91e62564431a3f232b65ac12fc19b67496f7c @dpiponi committed Jun 30, 2012
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@@ -132,3 +132,14 @@ def theoreticalTableSize(n):
print i, test5a
test5b = 1-math.exp(-1)
print "test5 =", math.fabs(test5a-test5b) < 1e-9
+# Maybe you recognise the 1-1/e above from this problem:
+# n people visit a restaurant (another one) and hang up their hats. When they leave
+# they pick a hat at random. What's the probability of anyone getting their original
+# hat back? The connection between that problem and the CRP is a beautiful bit
+# of mathematics about the permutation group. I'll leave it as a puzzle to figure
+# out why problems have the same solution.
+# PS I only realised this fact because I'd written code to compute this stuff to machine
+# precision and recognised 1-1/e. It's fortuitous that I chose this problem completely at
+# random and was led to see the connection. (I admit I got some help from the web...)

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