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Thumbnail image reverse proxy for DPLA infrastructure
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Setting up with npm

This will install packages locally into node_modules within thumbp:

$ cd /path/to/thumbp/dir
$ npm install

Installing for development or testing

$ npm install -g mocha
$ mocha

Example invocation

This runs the application locally on port 8080 without detaching from your console:

$ node thumbp.js http://es_loadbal:9200/dpla_alias/item 8080

Example thumbnail given that invocation: http://localhost:8080/thumb/aacca3079a48aaacc3cdb473379048fc


  • Improve logging
  • We may want to pass through more headers, like Last-Modified, although this is intended to run behind a reverse proxy like NGINX with aggressive caching being forced.
  • We may want to observe If-Modified-Since and pass back 304 responses from the upstream to the client.