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stellar vanity address generator
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stellar vanity address generator

This project is simple stellar vanity address generator written in go. Its usage is as easy as:

./stellar-vanity text

It has however a few neat tricks up its sleeve:

  • it uses goroutines to concurrently generate as many keypairs as it can (but not too many, as it's just wasteful). You can of course raise or lower the maxConcurrency value on build.
  • it can be used to search for a text: anywhere (default), start or end of the address.
  • it can show you some progress information, it prints out a message every 100,000 generated keypairs (using --verbose flag)
  • it will show you where the text has been found in the address in a colorful way
  • it can output the result in a text file too, just be careful with it, please (using --writetofile flag)

A small note for searching a string on the start of the address. The first two letters of a stellar address can be: GA, GB, GC, GD. The reason is a side effect of base32 encoding according to this stackexchange answer. (because the of the beta status, I'll paste the relevant part below)

the first byte (8 bits) that is encoded contains the type of the string. A public key has prefix "G" for example.
when converting into base32 the data is consumed 5 bits at a time, so the first 5 bits of the 8 bits version end up being the first character. The second character is therefore the remaining 3 bits from the version byte (but they are all 0s), plus the first 2 bits of the actual data. 2 bits of data give you the characters A through D.

This vanity address finder will search for the requested string as soon as it can, meaning that if your text starts with GA it will look for a match right at the start of the address, but if your text starts with B it will look for a match starting from the second character of the address and, finally, if your text starts with Q it will look for a match starting from the third.

Enough talk, show me the results

Before showing results I must note that this a process based on random. This means that you can find a 5 character text in a few seconds (that actually happened during testing), but it also means that it can take 12h to find a 6 characters text (also happened during testing). Also, searching at start/end might be way more time consuming. All examples below are being generated on the $5 Linode VPS.

  • Simple example

  • Verbose example

  • Start position example


Because go (and goreleaser) is amazing and you can cross-compile easily, I have already built executables available for download. But, please, don't trust me and build it yourself.



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