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My old and abandoned projects

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This is my attic.

I've set up this repository to clean up my old projects and still make them available, because I strangely found out, that they were actually downloaded from their old locations... Additionally, miscellaneous other scripts are located here so I wouldn't open up a repository for small things.

What's in here?

  • oldsite - an offline dump of my old development site. There you can find some documentations for cets and mailwalk
  • cets - a (very) small one-page-wiki system
  • mailwalk - a small perl system utility for waltzing through your mailserver and doing things
  • lppdf - A pdf implementation for lpd
  • spamcruncher - spamassassin on remote pop3/imap-servers
  • updatemirror - A very small script to mirror websites using wget more easily
  • racktables - Various scripts for racktables
  • zimbragitmirror - Zimbra Perforce <> Github-Mirrorscript


There is, however, no support for anything in this attic. If you like, you can grab a project and bring the spark of life back into it. If you do so, please drop me a note, so that I can link to the new project and remove the old things from my attic.

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