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Django model field and widget for storing, retrieving and displaying bootstrap3 glyphicon-images


bootstrap3_images is a django model field and widget for storing and retrieving images from the Bootstrap3 glyphicon list. It supports selecting those images using a image selector widget.

It obviously uses the Bootstrap3 glyphicons, so Glyphicons should be praised here.


You need an integration of Bootstrap3 in your Django app. I recommend using Django-Bootstrap3 for that.


Install the app using pypi or the manual way by downloading the archive and expanding it into your django project and add it to the INSTALLED_APPS-setting:


   # ...


   # ...



To use the django field, import the module:

from bootstrap3_images.fields import Bootstrap3ImageField

and use "Bootstrap3ImageField" like a "CharField" model field (you don't have to specify max_length, though):

image = Bootstrap3ImageField(

If you want to use the selector in a template, be sure to load the template tags for it:

{% load bootstrap3_images %}

and call this template tag inside your -Definition:

{% bootstrap3_imageselector_head %}