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Migration notes Godot 2 -> Godot 3

Notes for migrating Godot 2 code to Godot 3.


If you have found something yourself, please fork this repository, edit this file and place your notes at a fitting chapter. Then send a pull request. You can also use Github's own "Edit file"-feature. Thanks for contributing.

List of current contributors:

  • @Kriet108
  • @ghost
  • @pwab
  • @swenner
  • @dploeger

engine.cfg -> project.godot

engine.cfg was renamed to project.godot (@cbscribe)

_process, _input

_process, _input etc will be called by default if they are present in the script


In some cases, particularly in _physics_process or _process, you may need is_action_just_pressed rather than is_action_pressed (and likewise for is_action_just_released). note: this is unverified/unexplored


You can export enums now.


Dictionaries will be sorted by key insertion order when using a for loop to iterate over them. So if you load some JSON you will get keys in the same order as in the JSON file. (ref


for i in 10: print(i) # like Cobra, yay!

match statement

Feature tags

Platform-specific project settings via feature tags.

Named Physics layers

Physics layers, both 2D and 3D, can now be named in the settings


Some signal names have been changed. They mostly moved from present tense to past tense:

  • mouse_enter => mouse_entered

  • mouse_exit => mouse_exited

  • input_event => gui_input

  • _on_ScaleTween_tween_complete => _on_ScaleTween_tween_completed

  • PopupMenu: item_pressed => id_pressed

  • Node: tree_exited => tree_exiting

    • tree_exited still exists, but refers to, when then node finally exited the tree. tree_exiting is emitted while the node is exiting the tree.
  • AnimationPlayer: finished() => animation_finished(animation_name)

  • AnimatedSprite: finished() => animation_finished()

  • RigidBody2D: body_enter_shape(...) => body_shape_entered()

Audio Engine

Big changes in the audio engine

  • audio engine has named buses
  • built-in effects can be assigned to each bus. to-do: example
  • 3 audio nodes:
    • AudioPlayer, which is a generic player.
      • AudioSource, which works for 3D positional audio.
      • AudioSource2D, which is the same but for 2D.

Import changes

Overhauled import process

  • v3 can automatically import many types of assets, placed directly in the project, resulting in fewer steps for developers
  • new import dock to change options, located next to "Scene" tab

Images as StreamTextures

Images are now available as StreamTextures. ImageTextures only exist for compatibility reasons and scripting.

Font extension

Bitmap font .fnt files now have the extension .font.

API changes

Forbidden variable names (@puppetmaster-)

Most commonly used variable designations that are now internal used in Godot 3

  • Node2D
  • material
  • scale
  • position
  • transform
  • z (open pull request)
  • texture
  • offset
  • frame
  • color
  • energy
  • mode
  • Spatial
  • scale
  • rotation
  • transform
  • size
  • text
  • name
  • filename
  • owner
  • char

Direct accessors

Getters and Setters are used directly now using property modification, so i.e. get_position/set_position should be used as position now. (@NullConstant)

Additionally, subproperties can be directly accessed and modified now. So position.x is directly changeable and doesn't need to be set using a helper variable. (@mrcdk)

_fixed_process -> _physics_process:

  • v2: func _fixed_process(delta):
  • v3: func _physics_process(delta):


  • v2: set_pos(get_pos().x + 10, get_pos().y)
  • v3: position.x += 10

Node syntax

  • v2: get_node('fooBar') # still works in v3, but I'll only use with a variable arg rather than literal
  • v3:
    • $fooBar
    • $/root/baz/buzz (use quotes around the expression, if path contains a whitespace) (@cbscribe)
    • $SomeLabel.text = '...'

position, rotation

  • v2: pos, rot, etc.
  • v3: position, rotation, etc.

Globals => ProjectSettings

  • v2: Globals.get('foo')
  • v3: ProjectSettings.get('foo')

set_network_mode => set_network_master

  • v2: node.set_network_mode(MASTER|SLAVE)
  • v3: node.set_network_master(PEER_ID)

viewport.get_rect not available anymore

Use get_visible_rect instead

extends -> is

Use is instead of extends when checking if object is of the specified type. Use extends when inheriting a class (same as v2).

  • v2: if x extends y:
  • v3: if x is y:

Boolean must be explicitly cast to integer

  • v2: print(true + 1)
  • v3: print(int(true) + 1)

KinematicBody2D (@gururise)

  • v2: move(Vector2)
  • v3: move_and_slide(Vector2)

RawArray -> PoolByteArray (@mhilbrunner)

RawArray is PoolByteArray now

New Array types

  • Vector2Array is now PoolVector2Array
  • Vector3Array is now PoolVector3Array
  • ColorArray is now PoolColorArray

z => z_index

Image & InputEvent -> Resource

InputEvent and Image are now Resource

InputEvent changes

InputEvent::type was removed. "is InputEventKey", "is InputEventMouseMotion" etc. should be used. InputEventMouseMotion::pos was renamed to InputEventMouseMotion::postion

Matrix3 -> Basis

Matrix3 is renamed to Basis

Matrix32 -> Transform2D

Matrix32 is renamed to Transform2D

Patch9Frame -> NinePatchRect

Patch9Frame is renamed to NinePatchRect

opacity -> modulate.a

Use modulate.a when referring to the opacity of a CanvasItem

Dictionary.to_json -> to_json

from_json and to_json are now built-in (@GDScript)

No more ERR_WTF

ERR_WTF is deprecated in v3

Key constant changes

  • Main enter/return (16777221): KEY_RETURN is renamed to KEY_ENTER
  • Numpad enter (16777222): KEY_ENTER is renamed to KEY_KP_ENTER
  • Old KEY_KP_ENTER constant (16777344) is deprecated

Singleton changes

Short singleton names are deprecated: AS, PS, PS2D, SS, SS2D, TS, VS

ColorRamp -> Gradient

v3 also removes all of the 's' functions (get_colors, get_offsets, set_colors, set_offsets) that operated on Array built-ins.

Property changes

From: godotengine/godot#15611 (comment)

  • AnimationPlayer.playback/play became AnimationPlayer.current_animation, with a backward-compatibility fallback. I think I tested this part, but slight bugs are possible.
  • Node.filename, and Node.owner might generate some GDScript errors about shadowing.
  • ScrollContainer.h_scroll and ScrollContainer.v_scroll are now scroll_horizontal_enabled and scroll_vertical_enabled.
  • CanvasLayer.rotation and Polygon2D.texture_rotation were in degrees, while the new property is in radians. Likely to break a few projects.
  • Used OS.window_borderless instead of OS.borderless_window, so we might add a group at a later point.
  • Unbound TextEdit.set_max_chars, but added potential bindings for later on, since it wasn't used anywhere. Now I see there is an issue for set_wrap as well, might unbind it as well...

Method changes

Spatial::look_at_from_pos(pos, target, up) was renamed to look_at_from_position(pos, target, up)

Shape owners

CollisionObject and CollisionObject2D now have the concept of "shape owners". These are referring to the CollisionShape/CollisionShape2D objects underneath them. As far as I understand it, each shape owner currently only has one Shape/Shape2D with the shape_id 0.


Migration notes for Godot 2 => 3







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