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import { AbstractDocumentationIndex } from './api/AbstractDocumentationIndex'
import { Application, NextFunction, Request, Response } from 'express'
import { ApiController } from './controllers/ApiController'
import { IndexController } from './controllers/IndexController'
import { SearchController } from './controllers/SearchController'
import { ExpressError } from './ExpressError'
import log = require('loglevel')
import express = require('express')
import * as http from 'http'
import Bluebird = require('bluebird')
import { AddressInfo } from 'net'
export class Server {
private readonly _port: number
private _documentationIndex: AbstractDocumentationIndex
private _app: Application
private _server: http.Server
constructor (port: number, documentationIndex: AbstractDocumentationIndex) {
this._port = port
this._documentationIndex = documentationIndex
public serve(): Bluebird<void> {
if (process.env.TFLOOKUP_START_SERVER === 'false') {'Not starting the server as requested')
this._app = express()
if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {
log.warn('Enabling ALL CORS Requests')
}'Registering UI')
this._app.use('/', express.static('static/dist'))'Registering api base')
this._app.use('/api', new ApiController().getRouter())'Registering index api')
this._app.use('/api/index', new IndexController(this._documentationIndex).getRouter())'Registering search api')
this._app.use('/api/search', new SearchController(this._documentationIndex).getRouter())
this._app.use((error: ExpressError, req: Request, res: Response, next: NextFunction) => {
if (error) {
})`Starting service on port ${this._port}`)
this._server = this._app.listen(this._port)
return Bluebird.fromCallback(this._server.addListener.bind(this._server, 'listening'))
public getPort(): number {
return (this._server.address() as AddressInfo).port
public stop(): Bluebird<void> {
return Bluebird.fromCallback(this._server.close.bind(this._server))
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