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dploi is still in the plannig phase. The code is not functional yet!

dploi-server manages all the information about Host, Applications and Deployments and acts as the main hub of a dploi setup.


dploi-server is written in python. Using virtualenv is highly recommended!

To develop dploi-server in the current virtualenv, clone the sourcecode and then install it as a develop package:

git clone git://
cd dploi-server
virtualenv . --no-site-packages   # creates a virtualenv without globally installed packages
source bin/activate  # activates the virtualenv
python develop  # installs all the dependencies and adds the dploi-server source directory to pythonpath
dploi-server syncdb
dploi-server migrate
dploi-server runserver

dploi-server is a django project. It can be run the classic django way:

python dploi_server/ runserver

or using the built in command shortcut:

dploi-server runserver
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