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A Python Library for Sparse Matrix Orderings
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PyOrder --- A Library of Sparse Matrix Reordering Methods in Python


  1. NumPy
  2. The Harwell Subroutine Library subroutines MC21 and MC60. More interfaces may be added as needed. Head to for license terms and for obtaining the software. You need to download the double precision real version. Edit site.cfg to specify the location of the source files.
  3. If you plan to read and write matrices in Harwell-Boeing or Rutherford-Boeing format, you will need to install fortranformat, available from PyPi.


For now, just:

python build
python install

To select another Fortran compiler:

python config_fc --fcompiler=<Fortran compiler name> build

For instance:

python config_fc --fcompiler=gfortran build

assuming gfortran is in your PATH.

To see a list of available Fortran compilers and their names:

python config_fc --help-fcompiler


You can test that your installation is working correctly by running the examples. Change to the examples directory and type:

% python
% python
% bunzip2 commanche_dual.rb.bz2
% python commanche_dual.rb
% python commanche_dual.rb
% python commanche_dual.rb

If Matplotlib is installed, some sparsity pattern plots should pop up.

Examining the example scripts is a good idea.



There is a PDF manual in doc/PyOrder.pdf. The html documentation can be generated by changing to the doc directory and issuing make html. Sphinx is required to generate the documentation.

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