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We provide simple, reliable, and cost-effective way to accept payments online. And it's free to use!


pipwave is not responsible for any problems that might arise from the use of this module. Use at your own risk. Please backup any critical data before proceeding. For any query or assistance, please email support@pipwave.com


  1. Download this repository.

  2. Unzip pipwave_Magento2_Plugin.zip.

  3. Go to Magento installation root directory. Install/upload 'pipwave' directory into 'app/code'.

  4. Enter the following at the command line: php bin/magento setup:upgrade [in CMD/Command Prompt][magento root directory]

  5. After installation is successful, login to your magento admin account.

  6. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > SALES > Payment Methods. Scroll down to pipwave payment.

  7. Enable the module. Fill in your pipwave API Key & pipwave API Secret to the respective fields.

  8. Save the configuration and it's done!

Please feel free to contact pipwave directly with any integration questions.


Submit issue to this repository or email to our support@pipwave.com