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Dotfiles. Sensible defaults. Lots of them. Very opinionated.


If you already have dotfiles, you'll need to get them out of the way for this to work as intended. You can run a script for deleting them (make backups first!) by doing this (THIS KILLS EVERYTHING! BE CAREFUL!):

curl -sL | bash

Once you've got that handled, the installation script can be used as follows:

curl -sL | bash

If you have a .vim folder, I recommend deleting or moving it before you run the installation script. The "dotfile deletion" script doesn't touch that, but the installation script does try to clone my Vim configuration (


A quick note: this repository started out as MY dotfiles - naturally, it predates its first Git commit. As such, there are snippets of code/shell script in here that I did not write (snipped from blogs, etc.). If you recognize a piece of code, please contact me so we can work things out to your satisfaction. Not trying to burn anyone here.


Copyright (C) 2011 Dan Poggi. MIT License, see LICENSE for details.