A set of useful helpers and utilities for hbs
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Helpers that are useful when using hbs and handlebars.js.


npm install hbs-utils


You must initialize hbs-utils with a reference to the hbs module, like so:

var hbs = require('hbs');
var hbsutils = require('hbs-utils')(hbs);


hbs-utils exposes some methods that are useful when dealing with partials in your app.



hbsutils.registerPartials(directory[, opts, done]);
hbsutils.registerWatchedPartials(directory[, opts, done]);

These convenience methods will register all partials (that have a *.html or *.hbs extension) in the given directory. registerPartials will perform a one-time registration, while registerWatchedPartials will watch the filesystem to changes to the directory, and automatically re-register any changed or added partials directly with handlebars.

opts is an optional parameter that can safely be omitted. It is an object that can contain the following settings:

  • precompile: (default: false) If true, the partials will be pre-compiled when they are registered.
  • onchange: A callback of the form function(template) {} that will be called everytime a partial has been changed (added or updated). The name of the partial is passed as the sole parameter.
  • match: (default: /\.(html|hbs)$/) A regular expression that each partial's filename is tested against to determine whether it is a valid partial.
  • name: A function in the form function(template) {} that will be called for each partial. The name of the partial is passed as the sole parameter. This function gives you the opportunity to rename the partial before it is registered -- for example, to remove a leading _ from the filename -- by returning the new name.

done is an optional parameter that will be called when the initial registration of partials is complete.

Partials that are loaded from a directory are named based on their filename, where spaces and hyphens are replaced with an underscore character:

template.html      -> {{> template}}
template 2.html    -> {{> template_2}}
login view.hbs     -> {{> login_view}}
template-file.html -> {{> template_file}}

See the handlebars.js README and docs for more information.



precompilePartials is a helper to automatically pre-compile any partials which have been registered but not yet compiled.



  • Fixed issue with slashes in template names (thanks @fengcen!)
  • Updated dependency version specifications


  • Fixed declaration of Instance object (#2)


  • Added match and name options (thanks @jas!)


  • Initial release

License (MIT)