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Goodreads PHP


Get id of user who authorized OAuth


Paginate an author's books


Get info about an author by id


Follow an author


Unfollow an author


Show author following information


Get Goodreads book IDs given ISBNs


Get Goodreads work IDs given Goodreads book IDs


Get review statistics given a list of ISBNs


Get the reviews for a book given a Goodreads book id


Get the reviews for a book given an ISBN


Get the reviews for a book given a title string


Create a comment

$provider->addComment($resourceType, $resourceId, $comment);

List comments on a subject

$provider->getCommentsByType($type, $id);

Events in your area


Follow a user


Unfollow a user


Confirm or decline a friend recommendation


Confirm or decline a friend request


Get friend requests


Add a friend


Join a group


List groups for a given user


Return members of a particular group


Find a group


Get info about a group by id


See the current user's notifications


Add to books owned

$provider->addOwnedBookById($bookId, $conditionCode, $conditionDescription, $purchaseDate, $purchaseLocation, $uniqueCode);

List books owned by a user


Show an owned book


Update an owned book

$provider->updateOwnedBook($ownedBookId, $bookId);

Delete an owned book


Add a quote

$provider->addQuote($quote, $authorName);

Like a resource

$provider->likeResourceById($resourceId, $resourceType);

Unlike a resource


Get a user's read status


Get a recommendation from a user to another user


Add review


Edit a review


Delete a book review


Get the books on a members shelf


Recent reviews from all members


Get a review


Get a user's review for a given book

$provider->getReviewByUserIdAndBookId($userId, $bookId);

Find an author by name


Find books by title, author, or ISBN


See a series


See all series by an author


See all series a work is in


Add a book to a shelf

$provider->addBookToShelf($bookId, $shelfName);

Remove a book from a shelf

$provider->removeBookFromShelf($bookId, $shelfName);

Add books to many shelves

$provider->addBooksToShelves($bookIds, $shelfNames);

Get a user's shelves


Create a new topic

$provider->addTopic($subjectType, $subjectId, $title, $description);

Get list of topics in a group's folder

$provider->getTopicsByGroupFolderId($folderId, $groupId);

Get info about a topic by id


Get a list of topics with unread comments


Get your friend updates


Add book shelf


Edit book shelf

$provider->editBookShelfById($shelfId, $shelfName);

Get info about a member by id or username


Compare books with another member


Get a user's followers


Get people a user is following


Get a user's friends


Add user status update


Delete user status update


Get a user status


View user statuses


See all editions by work