Hardware Support

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Here is a list of possible hardware, and its current support level

Hardware Support Notes
Main Brain -- --
Raspberry Pi 2 Full Original hardware I was running
Raspberry Pi 3 Full
Raspberry Pi 3+ Full Current hardware
Motor Control -- --
Sabertooth 2x32 Full Works via USB Serial using packet serial
Syren 10 Full Works via USB->TTL converter using packet serial
Servos -- --
Adafruit 16 Channel PWM Full Communication via i2c
Lighting -- --
RSeries None WIP
TeeCees None Can be controlled via i2c with custom firmware
VADER None Proprietary code :(
FlthyHP Partial Colour codes can be set, servo commands are not supported and can crash the i2c bus currently
Misc -- --
Smoke Generator None Custom smoke generator. WIP
GPIO Full Allows control of anything that can be plugged into a GPIO port
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