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This is early release for my talk we will improve it later :) Slides from the talk:

Jinba is all about Real User Measurements (RUM) and how to collect/receive/store/visualize RUM data.

Currently we open-source only JavaScript implementation of client but hopefully will release Android/iOS soon.

In example-badoo folder you can find some scripts that can help you to set up collection/visualization infrastructure.


Demo folder contains simple node/webpack devel server with couple of examples. To set up demo use:

cd demo
npm install
node demo-server.js

Setting up infrastructure

  1. Collect data (for web clients use
  2. Setup backend endpoint
  3. Setup
  4. See example-badoo/create_schema.js to create pinba reports.
  5. Setup
  6. See example-badoo/export_pinba2influxdb.js to export data from pinba to influxdb
  7. Setup
  8. See example-badoo/grafanaDashboard.js to create dashboards in grafana
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