This is the ajax example from "Exploring Lift" section 11.3
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This code is based on the "A more complex Ajax example" from section 11.3 of 
"Exploring Lift". It's pretty much the same except I've used CSS selector 
transforms in the render method rather than the bind method.

It seems to give an exception when compiling:

[error] C:\exploring-lift-exception\src\main\scala\code\snippet\Ajax.scala:37: overloaded method constructor UnprefixedAttribute with alternatives:
[error]   (key: String,value: Option[Seq[scala.xml.Node]],next: scala.xml.MetaData)scala.xml.UnprefixedAttribute <and>
[error]   (key: String,value: String,next: scala.xml.MetaData)scala.xml.UnprefixedAttribute <and>
[error]   (key: String,value: Seq[scala.xml.Node],next1: scala.xml.MetaData)scala.xml.UnprefixedAttribute
[error]  cannot be applied to (java.lang.String, net.liftweb.http.js.JsExp, scala.xml.MetaData)
[error]               <button onclick={SHtml.ajaxCall(Str("Button-2"), ajaxFunc2 _)._2}>Press me 2</button> &
[error]                ^
[error] one error found

I thought this error could be fixed by calling toJsCmd on the JsExp to convert it to a String. The
code does then compile, but I don't see a javascript alert box when clicking button 2 or 3.
Button 1 seems to work fine and I see the javascript alert box.