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The Great Scala Test Bounty is a project that makes use of the
best talents of the Scala community to write tests which 
test the Scala compiler and the Scala libraries.

To participate, fork this repository, add tests in a package
that's unique to you (for me, the package is net.liftweb.dpp.tests).

All your source files must contain the following at the top of the

   This file is copyright (c) <year> by <your name> and
   distributed under an MIT license.  For the text of the
   license, see

If you copy a file from within this project and modify it, you
must retain any copyright notices in the files that you modify.

When you've written some tests and want them rolled into the
main set of tests, submit a pull request and in the request, please
include the statement: "All the work in this request is either my
original creation or a derivative work of something licensed
under the MIT license and I have retained the original copyright
notices in such works."