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Cortix Jupyter notebooks for examples and usage.
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Cortix Jupyter Notebooks

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Cortix Jupyter notebooks for examples and usage.

This site collects Jupyter Notebooks in Python programming language for executing examples of usage of Cortix. This requires a Jupyter Notebook server to load the notebook files (*.ipynb). The examples can be executed in the following ways:

  • Click on the launch/binder badge above to launch a Jupyter Notebook server for the course notebooks. There will be a delay for the Binder cloud server to build a Python (Anaconda) programming environment for you. However once it is done, it will start a Jupyter Notebook server on your web browser with all notebooks listed. Upon clicking on individual notebook files, you will access the live notebooks.
  • Alternatively, use the green clone or download button above on the right upper side of the page and download a ZIP archive to your local machine. Then use your own Jupyter Notebook server to open the files in the ZIP archive. In this case the files will not be updated and you will need to return to the repository for getting new files or updated versions of previously downloaded files.

Static HTML version of the notebooks will be rendered on the current browser if a notebook file listed in the code repository is clicked on. Alternatively you can render the notebooks on NBViewer by clicking on the render|nbviewer badge above.

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