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Apr 30, 2017

KeyNote NF

Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption.

If you work with the version 1703 of W10 (Windows Creator) is very IMPORTANT to use the patch available as a .zip attached to #568:

For more information, please, refer to what it is indicated in the latest release.

This project is an evolution of Tranglos Keynote (of Marek Jedlinski), with new features like:

  • Checkboxes on children of selected nodes
    Selecting checkboxes for all nodes (View/Tree Checkboxes -- now View/All nodes Checkboxes) is still posible. Besides, checkboxes can be shown only on children of selected nodes (Children Checkbox)

  • Hidden nodes
    Capacity to work with hidden nodes. Nodes can be hidden in two ways:

    • Activating a mode wich automatically hides checked nodes (Show or Hide checked nodes)
    • Filtering one note's nodes or all notes under a searching criterion (Filter Tree Note)
  • Alarms on nodes

  • Better treatment of tables

  • Improved treatment of links

  • Multilanguage support

  • New kind of virtual nodes: links to other nodes (Mirror nodes)
    Allow to organize the information in different ways, because nodes can be simultaneously in different notes. It will be possible to sort, rank and structuring in a free tree hierarchy, independent of the hierarchy in wich 'real' nodes reside.

  • Unicode compliant

  • New KeyNote file format: compressed

References, documentation and contact information

In you will get information about where to find documentation and help about KeyNote, and relevant addresses and contact information.

Name. Compatibility

Since version 1.7.4 the program has been renamed from "KeyNote" to "KeyNote NF". That way I hope it will be easier to locate it searching the web.

To implement some of the new features included in KeyNote NF I had to slightly extend the format of KeyNote (.knt) files. All new elements are optional so that new version can open without problems a file corresponding to version 1.6.5. Also, with KeyNote 1.6.5 it is possible to open a file created with a later version, but in this case, if the file is saved, the alarms and information about checked nodes will be lost.

Important: From version 1.7.7, certain metainformation is encoded in UTF-8 without BOM, not in ASCII. They are the corresponding to the following keys: NN, ND, VN, RV, VF, NA, EN (note name, node name, etc. Fore more information: fileformat.txt
So, it is important to maintain a backup of the .knt file in older version if you are testing the new version.


Not only because of possible compatibilty issues. It is always strongly recommended to conserve backups of .knt files.
Currently KeyNote NF (as version 1.6.5 did) has an option to keep backup files. But don't forget that they are created when saving changes and that only last recent files (up to 9 max.) will be kept, in a cyclic way. If for some reason you save to file very frequently you might find that all the backup files are too recent (perhaps of the same day or few hours ago...). If you deleted something you shouldn't or the application did something wrong, you could not find a correct backup.
So, you should always maintain custom copies (backup) of your files, perhaps one per day in the last week, for example.

From version 1.7.9 Beta 7, a new option have been added that offer the possibility of maintaining backups regularly. See #544: New option to keep backups at regular intervals


There is no installation project at this moment. You can copy all the files in release archives (eg, "") in a new folder, as KeyNote NF doesn't need installation to work.
If you prefer, you can install original KeyNote (version 1.6.5) and then copy only the files contained in the new release (zip file), in the installed folder, replacing the original ones. At least the new version will include the executable, keynote.exe. Please, see the file BetaReleases_README.txt for more information about how to install or update to a Beta release.

Download the latest release

Bugs, new Features

For any bug report, patch proposal or feature request, add an entry into the Issue tracker.
Please, be specific; it is preferable to create several issues instead of only one very heterogeneous, with many questions. That way it can be managed much better.
Before report any new issue, please read the topic HOW TO: Report Bugs / Add Feature Requests in the forum of KeyNote NF. There you can discuss about issues itselves, too.

Source Code

In case you fork the repository or clone it to your desktop, in the README_SourceCode.txt you will get information about how to compile the program, and notes about the components and libraries required by KeyNote NF.

Copyright and license

The initial developer of KeyNote is Marek Jedlinski, copyright 2000-2005.

The adaptation to Delphi 2006 and the new functionalities added since version 1.7.0 corresponds to Daniel Prado Velasco, copyright 2007-2017.

Code released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0. This license applies only to units written by the authors of KeyNote and KeyNote NF: Marek Jedlinski and Daniel Prado, respectively. Note: KeyNote was originally licensed by MPL 1.1. I have contacted with Marek and have obtained his approval to update to MPL 2.0.

Third-party units may be regulated by their own licenses. Please, see file README_SourceCode.txt and acknowledgments.txt for more information about third-party code.


Tabbed notebook with RichText editor, multi-level notes and strong encryption.







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