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Releases: dpradov/keynote-nf

v1.9.2 .01

01 Apr 21:46
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  • Refactoring. Simple notes disappear -> Switch to using only Tree-Notes
  • Change of terminology: Simple notes / Tree Notes + nodes ==> "Folders" with "notes"

  • Fixed: Nodes not showing cursor position when opening
  • Fixed: Cursor could be not visible on loading if zoom <> 100% and/or alternat. margin was set
  • Modified the implementation of "Fix scrollbars" (e.g. to use with Linux-Wine)
  • Fixed: Images not saved (in external storage mode) were lost if 'Reload Images' was executed
  • Fixed: Images. width on insert = -1 was not considering current zoom.
  • Fixed: After running "Restore Image Proportions", the editor was displayed at 100% zoom
  • New: It is possible to recalculate the ID of the next image to be saved
  • Improvements (and 2 fixes) in "Normal vs maximum tree width" functionality
  • Changes in Ctrl+Up/Down and Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down shortcuts
  • Changed the default extensions filtered in Insert | Link to File menu option
  • Fixed: The detection of URLs could be incorrect when other URL prefixes where present
  • Fixed: Setting font size with Font dialog when scaling settings > 100% results in a larger font
  • Fixed: Glossary did not correctly handle the backslash character
  • Fixed: Glossary doesn't display correctly items that include '=' character inside the shortcut
  • Fixed: Favorites in Resource Panel need to be refreshed in certain ocassions

See details in Changes in 1.9.2 .01.txt

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v1.9.1 .01

17 Mar 16:43
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  • Important - You could lose data:

    • Fixed: Importing RTF or HTML files as new nodes or notes could prevent recognition of the next node or note.
    • Fixed: Changes made in the Scratch panel are being discarded when selecting another tab in the resources panel
  • Fixed: UTF8 files without BOM were treated as ANSI files

  • Improved: When navigating back in history it will return to the exact visible position in the editor

  • New: Returning to a node now retrieves the exact position in the editor, including status bar scrolling

  • New: Ctrl+Shift+Up/down will smoothly move the scroll bar vertically

  • Improvements in "Normal vs maximum tree width" functionality

  • Fixed: Export... It must be checked in the options that the "Symbols" field is not empty

  • Fixed: Export notes... Error when selecting "Export each node to a separate target file"

  • Fixed: Removed possible hidden characters when exporting from tree panel context menu

  • Fixed: Editor needed to be refreshed in certain situations (if enabled Alternative Margins). Also Scratch editor

  • Fixed: Import as new node or as new note always showed the Editor content at 100% zoom...

  • Minimal change to try to resolve "Resource Panel>Favorites, not autocomplete"

See details in Changes in 1.9.1 .01.txt

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v1.9.0 .01

07 Mar 23:01
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Note: Please look at some observations and issues about version 1.9.0 (#652 )
Also, if you notice any problems directly related to the changes in this version, please report them in that issue.

  • KeyNote NF release is signed with a Code Signing Certificate

  • New: Added "Check for Updates" to Help menu. Can also be checked at startup (default: true)

  • The application help has been completely updated, based on .knt format (as an alternative to .chm).

  • Contextual help available based on .knt file (KeyNoteNF_Help.knt)

  • Improved Tools | Customize Keyboard...

  • Improved Insert | Character...

  • New optional behavior of Tree panel

  • Added 3 new menu commands, in Tree | Set Focus

  • Changes in behavior of 'View Resource Panel' shortcut

  • Changes in behavior of Find Next. Added new menu command: Search | Find All...

  • KNT links to other files, in notes/nodes can be opened in the current instance or in a new one, at will

  • KNT links in Favorites can be opened in the current instance or a new one, at will

  • It is allowed to insert a KeyNote link (Shift+F6) in the Scratchpad editor

  • The format of the internal KNT Link now admit relative paths (to keynote.exe) for knt files.

  • The state of View | Alternative Margins is now saved in session/profile file (.ini file)

  • The custom icon associated with a .knt file is now also visible in the taskbar and the main window

  • Added a new INI option to make "closing this instance" warning optional

  • Added a new INI option: ModifiedOnTreeResized

  • Set Ctr+Shift+Y as default shortcut for Insert| URL ... (as indicated in help)

  • Restored the original behavior of ESC in the Scratch window

  • Esc in Find tab of Resource panel will also focus note's control editor if..

  • KeyOptions.TipOfTheDay won't be automatically enabled when detected a new version

  • Keynote.ini will be saved as UTF8 by default (if it doesn't exists)

  • Removed menu entry Tools | Activate URL

  • Added new command line option: -jmp""

  • Added new command line option: -title"<TITLE>"

  • Added two new command line options: -ignSI -dnd

  • Created a new add-on utility, KntLauncher.exe

  • New: Save Tree to File... If Ctrl -> Show node IDs

  • New option, "Show hidden marks and IDs", when exporting to plain text

  • Improved the way another instance is activated. It will now be truly restored and become the foreground window.

  • Fixed: KeyNote should not remember the minimized state of document when saving

  • Fixed: Find All. Search results displayed incorrectly on two situations

  • Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+0 was not working (default shortcut for Clear Paragraph Attributes)

  • Fixed: Changing visibility of images in read only note removed images in the node, marking the note as modified

  • Fixed: When playing macros of certain commands, all of them were executed as the first one

  • Fixed: When restoring image(s) proportions and the Note is Read Only, always use a temporary method

  • Fixed: Hidden characters where showing after 'Clear Font Attributes'

See details in Changes in 1.9.0 .01.txt

Thanks for using KeyNote NF. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating!

v1.8.5 .01

03 Feb 14:30
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  • Fixed issue #644: Export Notes Crash - Error Message and Application Freeze During Text Notes Export
  • Fixed issue #642: KeyNote disappear after select 'Cancel' in the confirmation message box for exit with unsaved modification
  • Improved Bookmarks 0-9: Now are persisted, and are linked to target through a hidden mark
  • Glossary: shortcuts formed exclusively by non alphanumeric characters will be automatically recognized
  • Revised behavior of color selection buttons
  • Fixed: When navigating back in the history to another Editor (node or note), try to keep visible position
  • Adjustment in history navigation
  • Fixed: Exception navigating history to a deleted node
  • Fixed: When pasting from clipboard, RTF should be prioritized over image
  • Fixed: TAB multiple lines (#31) didn't work in plain text notes
  • Fixed some bugs related to Export and UNICODE (see details)
  • Adjustment on converting HTML to RTF
  • Disabled for now the insertion of a hyperlink when pasting image from a web browser

See details in Changes in 1.8.5 .01.txt

Thanks for using KeyNote NF. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating!

v1.8.4 .01

27 Jan 20:23
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  • Fixed (IMPORTANT): Images and alarms can be removed from .knt file if it is saved after after some actions (see #641)

  • Fixed: Using View|Show Images (or button) showed the Editor content at 100% zoom, ignoring custom zoom applied

  • Fixed: Remove KNT hidden characters from text obtained with "Copy node name" (with Shift)

  • Fixed: Do not allow to insert images with Insert|Picture... in plain text virtual nodes

  • Fixed: Update "Show Images" state after changing selected node

  • Optimizations in Replace All

  • Replaced ini option: IgnoreCtrHideTrePanel (default 0) -> UseCtrlHideTreePanel (default 1)

  • Menus: Added some icons, and other minor UI changes

  • Alarms: Revised menu options and toolbar buttons. Other minor fixes

  • Favorite items can be relative to Keynote.exe

  • New: Allowed links relative to keynote.exe file

  • It is allowed to select whether to include links to files/folders as relative or absolute

  • Links: Added two INI options: URLFileEncodeName and URLFilePrefNoHyp

  • Fixed: Activation of relative links of the form file:///...

  • Simplify insertion of external files links on plain text notes

  • Fixed: Insertion of KNT Links in plain text note should use new style

  • Fixed: Corrected the interpretation of several KNT Links variants

See details in Changes in 1.8.4 .01.txt

Thanks for using KeyNote NF. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating!

v1.8.3 .01

29 Dec 15:09
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IMPORTANT. Please, see the issue #641. Today I will upload a new version with the patch.

  • Fixed: Paste operation could keep text selected in certain situations, affecting to ClipCap
  • Export Improvement: Added new tokens and options for note/node heading
  • Export Improvement: Added new options for indenting nested nodes
  • BulletsInPlainText (.INI) now defaults to '- '
  • Image Viewer now allows to scroll through the images of the current node (or note)
  • Improvement: ApplyStyle can now be reverted with just 1 or 2 undo operations
  • Corrected TAB order in Paragraph form
  • Fixed: Pasting format could hide the text where it was applied, if copied from a line starting with a hyperlink

See details in Changes in 1.8.3 .01.txt

Note: I recommend using the installer (kntSetup), but in case someone cannot run that EXE file (perhaps on work computer), I have uploaded the resulting files of a full installation as a ZIP archive.

Thanks for using KeyNote NF. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating!

v1.8.2 .01

23 Dec 22:31
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  • New: Added options in treeview context menu to hide/show child nodes based on checked status

  • Improvement in Find All. Added 'Check mode', with three options

  • Improvement in Find All: replaced 'Search node names' option with 'Search Scope'

  • Improvement in Find All. Matches in node names are highlighted in results list, with background color

  • Improvement: Find All. All search types apply with 'Search node names'

  • Fixed: Find All. Consider option 'Whole words only' when selected 'Search node names'

  • Images. New: Ctr+Click on View Images (menu and toolbar button) -> Reapply hidden if Images Mode is imLink (images hidden)

  • Fixed: Caret position after changing images visibility / Fixed: Bug in Find Next with images

  • Fixed: Image viewer could not show scroll bars when zooming on certain occasions

  • Fixed: Clipboard capture was ignoring images

  • Improvement: When jumping to a location (eg. click on a hyperlink), show the destination on the first line of the editor

  • Fixed: Pressing left or backspace on the first character of a cell in a table raised an exception

  • Fixed: Eliminated flickering when displaying the search screen (Find Next)

  • Fixed: When deleting a node, the new (automatically) selected node was not showing with correct zoom, nor was updated the status bar

  • Fixed: Non controlled exception "FORMATEC structure not valid" on Paste Special... pasting from certain pages

  • Fixed: "FORMATEC structure not valid" exception pasting from certain pages

Details in Changes in 1.8.2 .01.txt

Note: This is the first time I've included a link to allow donations (from PayPal). Thanks!

v1.8.1 .08

14 Dec 20:04
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  • Fixed: Null values (#0) could appear sporadically, corrupting/truncating part of the node content
    More info in #623 (comment)

v1.8.1 .07

11 Dec 21:42
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This version can be installed with a setup program (based on Inno Setup, by Jordan Russell)

The main feature of this version is a significant improvement in image management
See "Images_Readme.txt" and "Changes in 1.8.1 Beta1-6.txt" for more information.

Note: The next thing I would want to do is develop the help for the application, which is outdated.

Changes in 1.8.1 Beta1-6.txt


("kntSetup_1." includes the same executable version as "kntSetup_1.8.1.7.exe", it only makes a little adjustment in the installation process, as I indicated here: #623 (comment))

v1.8.0 Beta 6

12 Sep 20:11
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This new release corrects many issues, and includes also important improvements.

A summary of the main changes included throughout the last six beta versions (1.8.0 Beta 1 - 1.8.0 Beta 6) is available in 'history.txt' and more detail in 'Changes in 1.8.0 Beta1-6.txt'
This beta releases has been available in issue #602, and tested by several persons, on different Windows versions: W10, W11 and even W7 (with RichEdit 4))

Please, see the file "BetaReleases_README.txt" for information about how to install or update this Beta release.

And remember: It is always strongly recommended to conserve backups of .knt files, specially before upgrading to a new version.

NOTE - Insertion of images:
The problems described in issue #574, and related to #568, were most likely due to a bug present in older versions of the RichEdit control, when processing images saved internally in png (\pngblip) format. When I analyzed that problem back in the day, I already noticed anomalous behavior also from the WordPad application (also based on the RichEdit control).

From the tests I have been currently doing, specifically on a file with some images that once caused this problem (a bug that I could force without excessive difficulty by doing different copy, paste, etc. operations), it seems that this problem no longer exists. Current versions of the RichEdit control appear to handle these images correctly, and I have not been able to reproduce the error.

I therefore believe that currently (in current versions of Windows, on W10 or W11) there should be no problem using images in KeyNote. Of course, being aware of the increase in file size that the use of images can entail.
And of course ensuring you have backup copies (see the options available in KeyNote, especially 'Backups at regular intervals')
I recommend looking at the document "Comments on KNT file formats.txt", where I included some tests comparing sizes and times, considering also the use of images.

The next improvement that I will incorporate to KeyNote will be aimed at improving image management, avoiding the problem of excessive size.

Note that in current versions of the RichEdit control it is possible to drag an image file into the editor (from the file explorer, for example) of any of the formats listed above.
In these cases, the RichEdit control will save the image in a more optimized RTF format (the file will take up less space). It will still save the image as ASCII in hexadecimal format, but in many cases it will do so once compressed to JPG or PNG:

  • PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF => png format (\pngblip)
  • JPG => jpg format (\jpegblip)
  • Capture from clipboard => windows meta file format (WMF) (\wmetafile8)

This last format was the only one recognized by older versions (e.g., version 4, available in XP or W7), and it takes up much more size than the rest (png or jpg).

Insert | Picture... is currently not recommended. Can still be used to insert .bmp images, but NOT for other types of images. (The latter cause an exception and the closing of the program!)
It is currently highly recommended not to use this function but to drag the image files to the editor. Images (BMP) included via Insert | Picture... are inserted through the clipboard, therefore saved in WMF.

Changes in 1.8.0 Beta1-6.txt
Comments on KNT file formats.txt