Using OpenDPS with a Raspberry Pi
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Upgrade your DPS5005, credits to

excuse my English

I firstly tried to use Johan Kanflo's tutorial to modify my DPS5005, but I stuck at the point, where I had to establish the OpenOCD connection. I got a "memory-access-error (core dumped)" error, which is why I tried the same on my Debian system (no VM), but this also failed. So spent roughly 4 hours to find a solution, but nothing helped me out. But now, after 6 days, I found a solution:

Using the Raspberry Pi's GPIOs (works with 2 and 3)

Building OpenOCD

I firstly installed the following components via apt:

sudo apt-get install git autoconf libtool make pkg-config libusb-1.0-0 libusb-1.0-0-dev

I was surprised, when I found out, that I could easily install gcc-arm-none-eabi, by typing

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi

Now we need to download OpenOCD.

sudo git clone git:// /root/openocd

When done, we need to build it

cd /root/openocd
./configure --enable-sysfsgpio --enable-bcm2835gpio
sudo make install

Move stm32f1x.cfg to /root/opendps/openocd/scripts/target and replace the existing file. (If OpenOCD Version is >0.10.0)

Building OpenDPS (according to Johan's instructions)

git clone --recursive /root/opendps
cd /root/opendps
make -C libopencm3
make -C opendps
make -C dpsboot

Making the configuration

Sadly Johan's instructions can't be used here.

Move the openocd.cfg (credits to: file provided into /root/opendps/openocd/scripts and wire your DPS like shown here

DPS5005's pins

and described in the openocd.cfg file.

Raspberry Pi 3 only

Clone the raspberrypi2-native.cfg file in /root/opendps/openocd/scripts/interfaces to raspberrypi3-native.cfg and change

bcm2835gpio_speed_coeffs 146203 36


bcm2835gpio_speed_coeffs 194938 48

Change the content of openocd.cfg as shown in it.

Then power the DPS.

cd openocd/scripts
openocd -f openocd.cfg

If you see "Info : stm32f1x.cpu: hardware has 6 breakpoints, 4 watchpoints", you made everything correct and can go on. From this point on you can follow Johan's instructions again, starting at the point "telnet localhost 4444":