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Collection of utilities to work semi-automatically on lexemes in Wikidata


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Note: This tool is deprecated in favor of Luthor

bild UsageExamples in action with Swedish examples from Wikisource and Riksdagen

This is a collection of tools that can be run from a read–eval–print loop (REPL) to improve Wikidata.

When LexUtils start you can choose on of the following tools currently available:

  • Usage Examples (Beta)
  • Lexeme Statistics (Beta)
  • ...your tool idea here... see So9qs ideas


  • Python >= 3.7 (datetime fromisoformat needed)
  • see requirements.txt file for libraries needed

Install using pip: $ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

If pip fails with errors related to python 2.7 you need to upgrade your OS. E.g. if you are using an old version of Ubuntu like 18.04.

Getting started

Please create a bot password for running the script for safety reasons here:

Copy or rename the file to and adjust the following variables:

username = "username"
password = "password"


When you get a prompt like "[Y/n]" the capitalized selection can be selected by pressing Enter. To select "n" type "n" followed by Enter.

Usage Examples

This tool enables you to easily find usage examples for any lexeme form (in the supported languages) in Wikidata that does not already have one and match them to a sense and then add them to the lexeme.

Warning: Currently only senses with a gloss in the current working language (with fallback to English) are fetched and shown to the user.

Being a CLI tool it enables you to quickly screw things up, so please be careful using it. Currently it does not support editgroups so if you need to rollback a change you have to do it manually.

Supported data sources

Multiple languages:

  • europarl (data source from the European Parliament) (currently disabled)
  • Wikisource


  • Riksdagen open data via their API
  • Historical Job Ads from the Swedish Public Employment Service
  • Ksamsök (abandoned because of terrible quality leading to a ton of false positives and incomprehensible sentences)

NLP pipelines

UsageExamples use spaCy NLP pipelines to detect sentence boundaries. The quality of this detection seems to vary between languages. As of this writing English and Swedish work pretty well, but Danish, French and German are slow and cuts a lot of sentences.

See also

List of other recommended tools to improve the lexemes:

  • Hangor: tool to add senses forms manually
  • MachtSinn: tool to match lexemes with QIDs. Warning: This tool is neither well maintained nor updated so if be very careful when using it.
  • Orthohin: tool to add senses manually to any lexeme in a certain language

What I learned making this tool

  • Rewriting a tool with many parts can be difficult. I used abstract base classes for the first time and the class hierarchy really helped reduce the complexity and increase readability IMO.

  • I used typing everywhere and it really helps catching errors.

  • I wrote a few tests when the classes did not work as expected to verify that they were working properly. Tests are very powerful to ensure the quality remains high after changing parts of the code.

  • Async fetching with httpx is fun

  • Integrating with WikibaseIntegrator is fun and it has useful classes that I can reuse to avoid reinventing the wheel

  • Programming with objects and enums lowers the complexity of the program. No more passing around strings and dicts between functions.

  • Some users have low tolerance for errors before giving up. It's important to test installing in a fresh VM or set up a CI with github actions to catch user facing errors before they are released.

  • NLP pipelines can be optimized, some are not and it is not apparent before they are used.

  • Generator expressions are very useful when playing with objects.

  • I'm very happy with my solution using a lambda expression to the sorting of UsageExamples by length. This required me to make a new attribute count and populate it during init.

  • Some modules like gettext do not work on Windows, I need to find a better module to enable translation of the program it seems.


Collection of utilities to work semi-automatically on lexemes in Wikidata