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from textwrap import dedent
from lexicon import verb_list, noun_list, actions
class Game(object):
def __init__(self):
self.position = 'origin' # Should load map via a flat file w/YAML maybe = 3
self.move = ''
self.flash_text = ''
# while 'quit' not in self.move:
# self.loop()
def generate_prompt(self):
prompt_string = """
Location: {1}.
Health: {2}.
Exits: Front door, side door, back door.
What will you do?
return prompt_string
def loop(self):
print self.generate_prompt(),
self.move = raw_input()
if self.move != 'quit':
def flash(self):
output = self.flash_text
self.flash_text = ''
return output
def parse_input(self):
words = self.move.split()
verbs = [word for word in actions if word in words]
for verb in verbs:
return [actions[verb][noun] for noun in actions[verb] if noun in words]
def evaluate_move(self):
flavor = { 'hack': 'HACK THE PLANET!!!!!',
for phrase in flavor:
if phrase in self.move:
self.flash_text = flavor[phrase] + '\n'
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