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A quick-start skeleton for publishing extensible one-page static sites to Heroku.
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A quick-start skeleton for one page static sites on Heroku.

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Some times it's nice to be able to put up a one-page site that can be easily extended into a dynamic application. If you know a bit of Ruby and you need an easy starting point, try Wwebsite.



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Getting started

git clone git:// folder_name_goes_here
cd folder_name_goes_here
. your-app-name-goes-here
  • Check your console output to see the URL for your new site

Customizing the starter site

  • Edit public/index.html to suit your needs
  • git commit -am "edited index.html for reasons x y z
  • git push heroku master

Adding dynamic functionality to the starter site

This is a Sinatra project. Start by adding extra routes (pages) to app.rb.

To get started, try adding the text in the box below to the bottom of app.rb. When you're done save, commmit, and push as in the previous section. For further help, see the Sinatra docs.

get '/hello' do
  "Hello, world!"


Daniel Pritchett

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