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A timelapse camera controller for Raspberry Pi and Canon EOS 350d (should work with any camera supported by gphoto2 with minor tweaks), with an optional UI and controls on the Adafruit LCD Pi plate.


rpi-timelapse uses gphoto2 and imagemagick. To install these dependencies on your pi:

$ sudo apt-get install gphoto2
$ sudo apt-get install imagemagick



Run on boot

Follow the instructions at using timelapse file from this repo instead of lcd.


Here's how to post process the image frames (on Linux, can be run on the Pi itself, but faster on desktop).

Remove flicker if timelapse used many shutter values

for a in *; do echo $a;/opt/ImageMagick/bin/mogrify -auto-gamma $a;done

Be careful with auto-gamma - it works extremely well for sunset / sunrise but can make very dark areas of the scene very noisy.

Convert the resulting JPEGs to a timelapse movie

ffmpeg -r 18 -q:v 2 -start_number XXXX -i /tmp/timelapse/IMG_%d.JPG output.mp4

Demo Video on YouTube (view in HD)