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ABCWD Shiny Dashboard: Source Code

This repo holds the source code for a shiny dashboard originally built for managers at AB ESRD to make it easier to update and fit risk models for CWD in the province. It allows users to upload cleaned surveillance data, extract relevant environmental predictors, fit models of CWD risk, and map the results.

This repository holds all source code for the shiny app deployed here. The rasters and data necessary to run this shiny app are not loaded in this repository for security and file size reasons.

Users who have found this repository may find useful tips and answers to common questions here.


The app was original built by Dana Paige Seidel (@dpseidel) and is now maintained by the Government of Alberta. Any bugs, feature requests, or questions should be logged in the issue tracker associated with this repo but please be aware that maintanance to this app and repository may be irregular.

Future maintainers, please see more instructions and notes here.


This original goal of this application was to make easily reproducible and updateable the model published in the 2014 ESRD CWD report, cited as:

Nobert, B., Pybus MJ., and Merril E. 2014. CWD Surveillance in Alberta 2005-2012: Literature Review and Initial Data Analysis. Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Edmonton, Alberta. 109pp.


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