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Mission Statement

To provide a tool that automatically generates repeditive .NET code to allow better use of developers time.

Current Status

This project is in a beta phase and tied to work being done in, development is slow due to COVID workload.


Nucleotide is a library to aid in the generation of .NET code for manipulation the following types of objects:

  • Client\Server Services (Interfaces)
  • Commands (Interfaces and Classes)
  • Command Factory (Interfaces and Classes)
  • Entity Framework DbSet (Classes)
  • Entity Framework Models (Classes)
  • Entity Framework Entity Type Configuration (Classes)
  • Entity Framework Parent and Child Foreign Keys Representation (Interfaces)
  • Models (Interfaces and Classes)
  • Queries (Interfaces and Classes)
  • Query Factories (Interfaces and Classes)
  • Request DTO POCO Objects (Classes)
  • Response DTO POCO Objects (Classes)
  • SignalR Hubs (Classes)
  • WCF Service classes (Classes)
  • Web Api Client (Classes)
  • Web Api Controllers (Classes)

This project leverages Roslyn functionality to combine a simple DSL style model with the power of the compiler to give a simple way to generate code.

This version of Nucleotide is built upon CodeGenerators.Roslyn, this has allowed the removal of dependency on files.


Getting Started


You will need:

  • Visual Studio 2019
  • A project using
    • netcore 3.1 upward
    • C# 8 language compiler settings or later

Before you start

You can use the following project structure

  1. Your code generation model and the generated code are in the same project.
  2. Your code generation model is in Project1, while your generated code is in Project2.

Get the package (Single Project)

You want to install Nucleotide in the project where you want to place your generated model.

Install-Package Dhgms.Nucleotide

Get the package (Dual Project)

In project1.

  1. Install-Package Dhgms.Nucleotide

  2. Add Your Code Generation Models

  3. Inherit the Code Generation Attributes.

In project2.

  1. Reference Project1.

  2. Install-Package Dhgms.Nucleotide

  3. Apply the Assembly Code Generation Attributes.

Get started with a Code Generation Model


Apply a Model Generation Attribute


Viewing the documentation

The documentation can be found at

Contributing to the code

See the contribution guidelines.