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UNIX config files

I use quite a lot of systems. I have two macs at home, a *nix box which runs Ubuntu and FreeBSD at work, and a Windows box running Cygwin. Keeping configuration files synced between my different machines, and migrating settings to a new machine, has started to become quite a headache. I've already made a project for my vim setup, so the next obvious step was to upload the rest of my commonly-used configuration files.

I shall try and avoid uploading anything with passwords or other sensitive information in. That would be embarrassing.

The following program configurations are included:


Clone the repo:

git clone --recursive git:// 

And then run the installer:


The installer just sets up symlinks to the dotfiles contained within. You could selectively symlink just the ones you want to use instead, if you like.


I have recently removed my vim setup as a submodule from this repo. If you'd like my vim setup, please clone the .vim repository separately.

I do have a little vim session file stored in .todo/.session, which gives me tasklist-like functionality in vim. Since it isn't really a part of my vim setup, I've kept that in this repo for now. Use "cd ~/.todo; vim -S .session" to use it.


I stole my prompt from Cygwin. I tend to modify the colour across different machines so I can keep track of which one I'm working with.

Other than that, just a few aliases and settings.


Ratpoison is my window manager of choice across systems using X-Windows. I have a rather script-driven setup with different workspaces for different tasks I perform, switchable with <Cmd-key>Fn, where n is the workspace number.

There is a set of scripts for ratpoison called rpws which accomplish a similar task, but somehow I never quite got along with them so I wrote my own.


My mutt configuration files are broken down into sections which are stored in the ~/.mutt folder and sourced by my ~/.muttrc. I have not committed my accounts file for obvious reasons.

I make use of a number of external tools in my mutt setup. Of course you can take a look at my settings and copy what you like but if you want to use all of my mutt files as-is you will need the following prerequisites:-

  • muttprint
    • ...which in turn requires Perl and LaTeX
    • My copy of muttprint is slightly customised to allow for better printing of Japanese in emails. If I find time I'd like to submit my changes as a FreeBSD port or something.
  • mhtview
    • I customised mine to open the file in firefox instead of opera
  • abook
  • aqua
  • Any PDF viewer

Thanks to Armin Wolfermann for his abook-autoexport script which I have copied into the .mutt/bin folder.


I use newsbeuter to read various RSS feeds. The configuration just gives me some vim-like bindings for navigating the feed list


I switched from xterm to sakura because the font used for Japanese text in xterm is difficult to read and fails when colour is set to bright. Configuration just sets my font and colour preferences.