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<a href="" rel="bookmark"
title="Permalink to MacOS安装homebrew">MacOS安装homebrew</a></h2>
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<abbr class="published" title="2013-01-25T22:53:00+08:00">
Fri 25 January 2013
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By <a class="url fn" href="">dqw</a>
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<p>homebrew是macos下的包管理工具,可以用来安装开源软件,比如apache、mysql等等,类似Debian的apt。比早起的MacPorts要好用,<a href="">官方网址</a>。</p>
<div class="highlight"><pre>mkdir homebrew &amp;&amp; curl -L | tar xz --strip 1 -C homebrew
<div class="highlight"><pre>#查找软件包
brew search python
brew install python
brew list
brew remove wget
brew info python
brew update
brew link python
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