Workshop on analyzing and visualizing open air quality data
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Workshop: Analyzing and Visualizing Open Air Quality Data

This workshop is a brief introduction and practical tutorial on how to obtain, analyze, visualize and interpret open air quality data with Python. We will be using an analysis toolkit developed for this purpose. Participants are invited to work through the examples, ask questions, explore the data and share their interpretations.


  1. Preparation, checking that participants' computers are ready to go
  2. Introduction: what kind of data is available and what can we learn from it
  3. Examples of open data sources
  4. Worked example: retrieving, exploring and visualizing data
  5. Notes on interpretation
  6. Open exploration
  7. Discussion


Please make sure you are set up with the following for the workshop:

  • Bring a computer
  • You will need basic to intermediate knowledge of Python and Jupyter Notebooks
  • Knowledge of Pandas and Matplotlib will be helpful but is not critical
  • Be sure that Python 3 is installed
  • Install Jupyter: run pip3 install jupyter
  • Clone this workshop repository or download its Exercises notebook
  • Clone or simply download and unzip the analysis toolkit
  • Install the packages required by the analysis toolkit: run pip3 install --upgrade requests pandas matplotlib